Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're back!

Not that we really went anywhere but we have been busy with... well... life in general! For some strange reason it keeps our time quite occupied! So let's see if we can catch you up.
We made cookies for the kids to take camping.

Tiana practiced "jumping" off the step stool. She got all crouched down and ready.
To obtain the best jump you must stick out your bottom and your chin... then for good measure your lips too!
Then proceed in very calmly stepping off the bottom step! It is all in the preparation though! We got quite the laugh out of this whole process the other day!
Daddy took both of the older kids camping while Mommy had a girls weekend with Nana and Camden! It was a wonderful little break and the kids and Daddy had lots of fun.

One seriously dirty little girl.

Enjoying the cookies we made before bed.

All tucked in bed.

Papa, Grammy and Poppy then joined them on Saturday.
Keaton playing football with himself... something he does for hours on end daily.

Helping row while Papa uses the motor!
I did a quick little project for myself this past week. I had a t-shirt that I liked but it was boring so I did a reverse applique and I can't wait to do another one.
Photo compliments of my budding photographer.
Our littlest boy loves his bath time and will play in there until the water is so cold we just have to take him out!

Toad grin!
Splashing away!
We also went to a couple birthday parties... I forgot my camera at one of them and the other one I got this photo and then my battery died!

This is a new game they figured out today! Sissy sits in the Tonka truck and Keaton wheels her around the house as fast as he can go! She lifts her little feet up and holds her hands out for balance and squeals... from delight and a little bit of terror as he gets a little too close to the wall or furniture or takes a corner to sharp.

A bundled up little boy after we got inside this evening from our long walk!
He has discovered his little hands so now he tries to stick as much into his mouth as can possibly fit!

We also visited the neurologist and he said that there is no doubt about it, Keaton has Bell's Palsy, nothing else more serious. So that is good... also, he will just get over it and there is a 10% recurrence rate and he must fall within that. Nothing to worry about, although uncommon it is not unheard of. So nice to get a specialists opinion even though it really was no different than what we had thought all along. I also got to the endocrinologist and found out that since I don't have a tumor than the chances of me getting one now are VERY slim. During pregnancy your prolactin level is normally in the thousands and she said mine was probably MUCH higher. So if 9 months of that didn't give me a tumor, nursing for sure won't. So I can nurse as long as I want and I will just go in to see her when I am done to get on medication to lower that level. So needless to say, we are done with the doctor for the time being besides well child checks which are coming up!


Cassie said...

Such cute photos! I love the ones of Keaton and Tiana and the truck!

Your shirt turned out great. Watch out! That reverse applique is addicting. I could reverse applique everything in the house.

KatieB said...

You have been busy!!
Very cute pics...love the one of Keaton pushing Tiana in the truck!
Awesome job on the shirt...I need to learn how to do that.
So glad about the doctor news...