Friday, October 9, 2009

Picture This

I was doing my hair yesterday morning when two kids walk in. Keaton has his arms crossed and a very big scowl on his face and Tiana is giggling with a huge impish look.
Keaton: I'm mad. I no like my Sissy.
Tiana: Giggle Giggle
Keaton: (looks at his sister and VERY seriously and firmly says) No Laughing, I no like you right now!
Tiana: Laughing harder now that she is really pushing his buttons!
Meanwhile the Mommy is trying VERY hard not to laugh herself!
I ask Keaton why he is mad and he responds that she "Messed up all my trains!"
We then proceeded in having a little talk that we don't say that he doesn't like her. He can not like what she does but not her. At least he doesn't retaliate but comes and tells me. Our little girl has gotten quite mischievous and just loves to push her brother's buttons. He isn't sure about this new little act, usually he is the one doing the pushing!
They then run off happily forgiven and forgotten and continue playing together!
They both have been getting a kick out of me making mistakes too. If I say something wrong or do something and say oops they both laugh hysterically at my expense... and I love it!


Unknown said...

I love looking at your picures of the little ones and all the family pictures. It seems like I already know all of you and am really looking forward to meeting you at the wedding.
Mark is a fine young man and I'm glad he is going to be a part of our family. But of course, he is getting a SPECIAL girl, my oldest granddaughter.
Nana Parker (Diane)