Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Week

Well we had quite the week around here with the flu and then a cold that left this Mommy without a voice. Luckily Keaton and Camden escaped without getting either bug!!! We sure pulled it all together though to give our big boy a wonderful birthday.
Here are presents on his ACTUAL birthday.
SO excited to get some games.
And his big present.... a real camera just for him.... and Sissy when he puts it down for too long.
Anytime he sees something photo worthy he runs and grabs his camera. I am always hearing, "Mom, say cheese, ok just one more, one two three"
In the car with Nana the other day here is how the conversation went:
Keaton: Where are my uncles?
Nana: Derek is working in Utah, Mark and Kyla are at UofI, and Ryan is going to Boise State. Do you want to go to Boise State when you are bigger?
Keaton: Look at me, I am big now!
We went to the doctor for his checkup and he is big.... 34 pounds (75%) and 39.5 inches tall (91%).
Sis and Camden looking cute in red white a blue.

My favorite little jeans.... the last time..... I was really sad to see these go into the too small box.
Enjoying some good weather, probably the last of the season.
Watching the kids run around crazy.

Vacuuming the floor. She has always loved the vacuum so Nana gave it to her one evening and she could have vacuumed all evening if we let her. A one foot piece of floor was VERY clean.
And the cake......

I just LOVE the way it turned out. It actually went pretty fast this time because Daddy did half of it!
Trying out the jumper.

My three year old and his train cake! He loved it.
Playing outside before the party.
Keaton can now drop kick a football VERY well.
And catch it.
Nice kick. I took the photo and then moved just in time.

The girls.
My boys.

Keaton got lots of trains and a train track rug that he has been playing with every waking minute since he got them. He also got some fun books, games and this art easel!

Daddy took a little to long getting the cake plates out and he chose his piece!
Dipping cake in homemade ice cream.

Wearing the outfit Mommy made him.
Can't believe how big he is getting. It wasn't that long ago that the Boppy looked so big compared to him!
Stories with Papa.


Shana said...

Looks like fun! Cute cake!