Sunday, August 30, 2009

WHAT a week!

I wish that I could say that this last week was rather uneventful... however that word was NOT in our vocabulary this past week! We started it out with quite a little scare when Keaton got Bell's Palsy.... AGAIN!!!!!! But after a visit with the doctor and some research we have determined that it is probably being caused by the Herpes cold sore virus that has settled in his facial nerves. He will probably grow out of it which is comforting. There really isn't anything they can do so we just wait it out. It has really been hard on him emotionally though this time around. Our normally full of energy, outgoing little boy has become VERY self conscious and shy. It just breaks our hearts. He is being a trooper though even though it can't be fun to have half of your face numb. Since he can't feel one side of his mouth he has been licking his lips a lot so they are chapped.... he told Nana the other night that his "chaps were sticked". We finally figured out his lips were chapped and he needed chapstick! He later said "Oh no, my lip is dead!" Pretty impressive for him to put that together. We showed him photos of the last time he had it and told him that it DOES get better. We can't wait until it goes away and we can return to normal life around here.
Then on top of that I have been battling Mastitis and had to have surgery this past week so I have been out of commission basically! Makes for a very interesting household but we are holding up. I had help this week from Nana and Grandma which was very much needed. Tomorrow I go back in and I am hoping that they will be able to unpack the incision and let it heal. We are hanging in there (at times it seems like emotionally only by a thread) but it is getting better every day. We should start to see improvement in Keaton in the next week which will be a huge comfort.
Playing with Play do with Grandma.
Crooked grin!
Tiana got to play with it for the first time.... which of course resulted in her eating some!
Oops caught!
She then proceeded in eating some dirt instead later that evening! Seriously wonder about this girls taste buds at times!
Loving bath time.
I just had to snap a photo of her predicament! She tried to sit in her doll stroller only to have it tip over and get her quite stuck!
Happy boy.

To the untrained eye this may just look like scribbles but Keaton informed us that he was drawing "Noodles"!
Also a rather big adjustment this week has been moving Tiana into her big girl bed! Her first nap she walked in and started crying because she didn't know where she was supposed to sleep. But last night (her first night in her bed) she did GREAT. She hasn't quite figured out that she can get OUT of her bed if she wants to so therefore she has gone to sleep quite well and didn't get up at all in the middle of the night. She LOVES her new room. She noticed the crib in the boys' room this morning and was a bit confused but it didn't seem to bother her, she has a new bed now!
Her new bedroom furniture, I love the way her room turned out. Now I just want to move her name above her bed and the photos on the other wall.... we ran out of time yesterday to get it all done.
I asked Keaton to pick up the food in their kitchen. Not sure where he got the idea that this is how we put things away but hey everything was off the floor! Notice the plate rack works rather nice for bread, waffles, hotdogs, really whatever will fit. I later opened the oven to find a ball stuffed in there!
Holding his head up like a pro.
I just love that adoring look.
The following are Keaton's first attempts at using the camera! He had a little help with this one...
All by himself he got these....

THERE we go... got heads in the photo finally! He would get the camera all lined up and then move it down to look at what he was taking photos of cutting off the heads! We got a great laugh out if it and he had a blast!


Becky Gonce said...

Ohh, I feel for you! and glad you have so much help near by! Aubrey puts EVERYTHING in her mouth too.. no matter the taste! looking forward to seeing all of you in Oct/Nov..

Heidi said...

Oh goodness, you have more than your share of challenges right now, don't you?! We hope all of you are well soon. Thank goodness you have family near to help you.