Sunday, July 27, 2008

For those of you photoshop junkies if any.... I just bought some actions to use with my pro images and have had lots of fun with some of my snapshots also. Here are some of my favorite after shots and then of course the unedited versions. They are a serious waster of my time but also a good outlet for my creativity!

Weekend Work

Workin' on learning how to fish.

Workin' on giving Mommy the willies.
Workin' on admiring our blue eyed beauty.

Workin' on looking like a big girl.

Workin' on dog piling.
Workin' on giving Mommy and Daddy heart attacks!
Workin' on having fun.

Workin' on our suntans.

Workin' on having a WONDERFUL week.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

I am sure that most of you probably already have noticed but we are going to be getting a little nephew! Todd and Krystal and some of the family went to their 20 week ultrasound where we all found out that they have a little boy! Kason is going to be his name and we are SOOO excited. This actually will work out quite well for Keaton hand-me-downs since she us due Dec. 7th! Stay tuned on their blog for photos and their ADORABLE nursery project coming along.

Summer fun

Loving eating!
Brandon was in town before he was off for Convention rounds so we got to see him at Jon and Erin's house! Jon said house rules were that Keaton could do whatever! So he let him play cards which he LOVED!
Then he played basketball with the guys! It was so cute seeing him run around the court holding his ball thinking he was really playing with them. Thank goodness they were all so understanding of our sport loving almost 2 year old!

Us girl hanging out getting some talking done!
I discovered a major positive to her being so big today. Keaton CANNOT pick her up. She was playing on the floor and he didn't realize that I was watching. He was trying as hard as he could to pick her up. In spite of his grunting and groaning she didn't budge!
One one hand sad and on the other quite impressive and nice.... our little girl likes to put herself to sleep. She starts getting restless and mad if she is tired and we won't just put her in her crib. While this is nice for a second child it is also kind-of sad. I love those cuddle moments that with Tiana are so few. We must admit however that she is a GREAT little sleeper. We remember nights of rocking and rocking and then patting and patting until Keaton would go to sleep. Each little one is so different. We are soaking up each little moment we can because we know now how fast they grow up. Our little boy is heading rapidly toward 2!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Keaton had to show Sissy how to play with her toys... which in turn kept her occupied.

The last few days she can't keep her eyes off of her big brother. She is just amazed by him and watches everything he does. She is usually smiling and cooing at his silliness. We set her up in her Bumbo to watch Daddy and Keaton play tonight and she loved it!

After a rough week with her last week we started her on cereal. She was just crying uncontrollably for long periods of time 2-4 times a day. It was like she couldn't get enough formula to satisfy her. She has been blowing bubbles and has discovered her tongue so we knew she was ready for cereal. So we decided to give it a go and just see what happens. We are happy to report that we have had a HAPPY girl with no prolonged crying spells since we started. She sleeps for 13 hours at night now and wakes up happy. During the day she is now taking couple hour naps instead of 15 minute naps and then wanting to eat again. She also loves the cereal. She swallows it down with no problem and opens big for the next bite!

Just a bunch of monkeys

This weekend we took the kids to the Zoo with my entire family.
Amazed by the Monkeys. There was a little baby one that was really cute and active.
Tiana fell asleep in the first 5 minutes of getting there and slept the entire way through her first zoo experience!
Sliding down the giraffe.
Amazed by the turtle.
Our little monkey is way to fast to be a turtle even for a photo.
That's Uncle Ryan for ya!

Tiana was sleeping down below getting quite the special treatment.
She got a good view of the inside of the stroller.
Keaton being a Monkey. He now will go around going "oooo, ooo, ooo" and scratching under his arms!
Our chubby little girl.
Excuse me Dad WHAT are you doing to get me to smile?!?! I can tell that we will be getting a lot more of this look when she gets older.

Playing in the mist outside the restaurant.
Some of the many expressions of our girl.